The Bratislava Boys’ Choir has been part of the Slovak artistic scene since 1982.

Its founder is Magdaléna Rovňáková, ArtD. Initially named the Boys’ Philharmonic Choir and consisting of sopranos and altos, the group performed in oratorios and cantatas, and gradually built its own repertoire. In 1988, it became an independent ensemble and the boys, whose voices had changed, returned as tenors and basses. Today, the group is part of a private music school with about 80 students aged 7 to 28. The concert ensemble has 45 members. Years of collaboration with symphonic orchestras (The Slovak Philharmony, The Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, The Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra) have enriched the choir’s repertoire with dozens of oratorios, cantatas, and symphonies (J. S. Bach, L. Bernstein, B. Britten, A. Honegger, G. Mahler, C. Orff, C. Penderecki, M. Ravel, I. Stravinsky, E. Suchoň...) under world-renowned conductors (O. Lenárd, L. Pešek, B. de Billy, A. Parrot, F. Luisi, R. Muti, G.Tate, A. Rahbari, M. Guettler).

The boys are cast in operas and stage plays. They perform pieces by J. Haydn, G. F. Händel, H. Schütz, A. Vivaldi, F. X. Tost, and others with period-instrument orchestras. Singing throughout Slovakia and beyond, they captivate audiences in European cities (Berlin, Budapest, London, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna), the United States (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C.), Canada (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto), and Japan (Osaka, Tokyo), Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa), Cyprus and Taiwan.
The choir’s repertoire comprises a wide selection of sacred and profane works. It includes Gregorian chants, Renaissance music, concert Masses, arrangements of folk songs, and works by contemporary composers. Several Slovak composers have dedicated their works to the Choir: Ľ. Bernáth, I. Hrušovský, M. Kroupa, P. Martinček, E. Suchoň, I. Zeljenka, and others. The boys’ thorough vocal training allows them to perform in musicals as well. They also enjoy singing alongside artists from the pop music scene.
The Bratislava Boys’ Choir has appeared in television films, cooperated with motion picture companies (Hallmark, Miramax), and has recorded seven CDs. The latest title is a DVD – an imaginative take on the Christmas Pastorale. Many soloists and excellent choir singers grew up in this group. So far, six of them have gone on to become conductors. Excellent Slovak instructors are affiliated with the Choir: soprano and voice coach Miriam Garajová and member of the Slovak Philharmonic Choir and voice coach Monika Maglayová. The pianist of the Bratislava Boys’ Choir is Mgr. art. Dana Hajóssy, associate conductor is MgA. Gabriel Rovňák Jr. and piano performance teacher is Alena Pradlovská.

The Bratislava Boys’ Choir is proud to have placed first in international competitions in the United States (Des Moines), Russia (Moscow) and Italy (Lecco). Among others, it has participated in professional festivals in the Slovak Republic, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Russia and choir music festivals in the Czech Republic, Belgium, UK, France, Russia, Italy and Taiwan. The ensemble received numerous awards including the Gold Medal of the President of the Slovak Republic and the Award from the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic.