Preparing New Dramaturgy

It has been 10 months of working online without opportunities to present our art. “The situation is complex and unpredictable. It’s almost impossible to aim our activities towards concrete dates. In spite of this I’d like to thank our teachers and parents for their dedication and precision with which they have approached our online activities with a vision to restart our ensemble in the near future,” says Magdaléna Rovňáková, the conductor and principal of the Bratislava Boys’ Choir.

Because of the pandemic we lost our concert tours to the United States, France, Switzerland, and Slovenia. In the following months we can’t expect to present our ensemble abroad. Therefore, the boys have been preparing a special program for our audiences in Slovakia.

“We made a decision to temporarily adjust our course and delight our fans with the boys performing stylized folk songs and repertoire outside a traditional church environment,” says Gabrie Rovňák Jr., the conductor of the Bratislava Boys’ Choir.

Preparing New Dramaturgy

Our fans can look forward to our concerts for Slovak cities, summer open-air performances, but also to The Story of Music III - Opera Is In, which we are performing with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.

In the fall we are preparing a new element for the largest music education project in Slovakia, The Story of Music, presented within our educational activities. We will share more information in the spring depending on the pandemic measures.

In 2021, to support activities of our ensemble, we also invite you to take part in SING! - The Bratislava Boys’ Choir Patron Program. Our membership club will bring you many unique contact points with art. You can become a member of our artistic family at

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