Concerts in Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland, cooperation with the Slovak Philharmonic, the Slovak National Theatre, the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Košice State Philharmonic, but also with ŠK SLOVAN, the exceptional STARMUS festival with the participation of Brian May, or The Offspring, the band. A new edition of the largest Slovak educational concert series, "The Story of Music", will also take place with the participation of our choir’s soloist. Bratislava will be visited by a world-famous boys' choir from Sweden. The ensemble is preparing an exceptional program for listeners in the coming months.

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"In our 42nd concert season, we are reaching out to new target groups to draw their attention to the beauty and meaning of choral singing in cooperation with our artistic partners. We are very much looking forward to being able to introduce ourselves in this way at an exceptional festival, STARMUS, where our boys will perform at the Stephen Hawking Awards, along with Slovak Radio Children's and Girls' Choir arrangements of QUEEN and Michael Jackson songs, with the personal participation of Queen guitarist Brian May. Our fans will also recognize us alongside ŠK SLOVAN, for whom we will perform after the Slovak Super League Play-Off at Tehelne Pole Stadium on May 18," says the Bratislava Boys' Choir Director Magdaléna Rovňáková.

On April 20, opera lovers can listen to the famous soldiers' chorus in Carmen, which will be performed by our singers at the Slovak National Theater under the baton of Zuzana Kadlčíková. Commemorating the 20th anniversary of Slovakia's entry into the European Union, on May 1, the Bratislava Boys' Choir will perform at the Bratislava Castle with the Slovak Philharmonic, Slovak Philharmonic Choir and Meadowlark, the choir, at a special concert under the baton of Rastislav Štúr, which will be aired live by RTVS, the national broadcaster.

One of the most-traveled Slovak choirs will confirm their role by participating in two extraordinary concert tours. On May 23-29, the choir will perform in Germany (Wiesbaden) and Switzerland (Basel). Our singers will spend the first quarter of the summer in Taiwan, where they will take part in a large international festival of choirs and dance groups.

On both concert tours, they will mainly perform compositions by Slovak composers, including Eugene Suchoň, Miroslav Kroupa, Viliam Gräfinger, Ján Kružliak, Milan Novák, Ľuboš Bernáth and others. The choir under the leadership of Magdalena Rovňáková and her son Gabriel Rovňák, will be accompanied by Dan Hajóssy, the pianist. Within a foreign cooperation project, the choir will present Stockholm's Gosskor (Sweden) to a Bratislava audience, under the direction of conductor Karin Skogberg Ankarmo. The Stockholm singers will meet the Bratislava Boys' Choir in June.

The Bratislava Boys' Choir does not forget the children and families for whom it prepares - on commission from the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and Košice State Philharmonic - the premiere The story of MOZART's music! concert. Alexander Fellmayer, our choir soloist, will perform under the baton of the event’s author and conductor, Gabriel Rovňák.

"The Story of Music is a nationwide project of educational concerts offered to children and families by the Bratislava Boys' Choir in cooperation with artistic partners. After the extremely successful Story of Music of the Slovak Philharmonic
 we bring to curious listeners the opportunity to get to know the music of the ingenious W. A. Mozart and find out why his music is special and how it can affect our everyday lives," says the choir conductor and author of the Story of Music series, Gabriel Rovňák.

Since 2020, the ensemble has a patron program called SING!, which brings together people for whom art and the support of education are at the top of the list of values. Club members get exclusive artistic experiences for supporting the ensemble.

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