„Philanthropy and patronage of the arts is a key pillar of society in many nations. Art and music are the pinnacle of our civilization and successful individuals around the world view them as a cause they both enjoy and support, out of moral duty. Giving back is the means to even greater success. Time has come to turn this message into outreach, change the status quo, and forge a new social norm without precedent. Slovakia is your fresh chance to make major impact. Your support will make a dent in history and promote philanthropy in a country that has few role models in it. Bratislava Boys’ Choir Patrons Program is the first one in an entire nation. Imagine your impact and pioneering role if you join its patrons now!“

Ing. Elena Kohútiková, PhD
Bratislava Boys’ Choir Patron and former Vice Governor of the National Bank of Slovakia

Welcome in the family of Bratislava Boys’ Choir Patrons. SING! is a unique membership club to take our award-winning ensemble to the next level of success at home and abroad through increased moral and financial support. Our patron program works like a choir. There is The Member’s Circle, The Soloist’s Circle, and The Conductor’s Circle, each with unique benefits. You can forge a personal relationship with the choir and enjoy unique experiences.

The Bratislava Boys’ Choir has performed thousands of concerts, raised countless youth and criss-crossed the globe. It appeared in operas at the Vienna State Opera, performed in Vienna Konzerthaus, Carnegie Hall and other venues at this level. It has ongoing engagement with the Slovak Philharmonic and Slovak National Theater.

We created The Story of Music, the largest music education project in the nation. My mom, Magdaléna Rovňáková has received prestigious awards, including The Crystal Wing, Slovak Citizen of the Year, Minister of Culture Award, The Presidential Gold Medal.

Many dreams remain to be shaped into reality. We want to share more music and bring even more joy. Our amazing team of skilled educators is raising a new generation of disciplined leaders who can find and claim their own path in a world of smartphones and tablets. Beauty, music and the arts resonate in their hearts. Your support and gifts will encourage them to go out and make a difference in the world. Because you did. Welcome home.

MgA. Gabriel Rovňák ml., Ph.D. Conductor, Bratislava Boys’ Choir

Your gift will help:

  • Showcase choral art and Slovakia’s music nationally and globally
  • Present and expand our education project, The Story of Music, to all kids in Slovakia
  • Record and spread audio and audiovisual work
  • Aid our choir school camp
  • Improve our material means (concert costumes, audio equipment, music scores)
  • Create representative digital and print material to promote the choir
  • Create scholarships for socially disadvantaged young talent in our choir

Become a patron Sing

Become a patron today and enjoy unique benefits in three membership tiers: The Member’s Circle, The Soloist’s Circle and The Conductor’s Circle. Membership is valid for 12 months with optional renewal.

The Member’s Circle

(100 € +)

Every ensemble needs a good membership base to function well. The whole body is the sum of all its important parts. In time, you could become a soloist, or even a conductor. Some might think a few members here and there do not make a difference. Not for us. Our choir needs you. Otherwise, together, we couldn’t be called an ensemble.

List of Patrons

List of Patrons

  • Nenad Smilajkov

Patrons list contains only those individuals who agreed to make their name public.

The Soloist’s Circle

(400 € +)

As a soloist, you are invaluable. Because your role brings unique experience to our audiences. When a soloist takes the stage, viewers expect the best. Concert moments featuring soloists are the highlight of our performance. We cannot imagine the Bratislava Boys’ Choir without them.

List of Patrons

List of Patrons

  • Marta Paradeiserová

Patrons list contains only those individuals who agreed to make their name public.

The Conductor’s Circle

(1000 € +)

As a conductor you are the face of our ensemble. You set the quality level and choose the repertoire. You are also the choir’s chief manager and possess executive authority. The choir could not exist without a conductor. There can be more than one; just like in the Bratislava Boys’ Choir. Its two conductors form a great team.

List of Patrons

List of Patrons

  • Ing. Elena Kohútiková, PhD
  • Ing. Vladimír Heriban, PhD., MBA, MSc.

Patrons list contains only those individuals who agreed to make their name public.

Membership Benefit

The Member’s Circle The Soloist’s Circlea The Conductor’s Circle
Welcome package Áno Áno Áno
Membership certificate Áno Áno Áno
Quarterly newsletter with exclusive information on Bratislava Boys’ Choir events and news Áno Áno Áno
Number of reserved seats at the Bratislava Boys’ Choir Christmas Church Concert 2 4 4
Number of tickets for The Story of Music 2 4 4
Optional publicity for your name on membership list Áno Áno Áno
Optional choir rehearsal visit Áno Áno
Annual subscription for Hudobný život magazine Áno Áno
Two tickets for selected opera performance with Bratislava Boys’ Choir appearance Áno Áno
Number of tickets for Slovak Philharmonic Christmas Concert with Bratislava Boys’ 2 2
Number of tickets for Christmas in Bratislava, the exclusive high-profile concert 2
Gala dinner for most important members Áno
Other benefits on request Áno

I want to become a member of SING!, the Bratislava Boys’ Choir Patron Program

Contribution Amount:

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SING! is the Bratislava Boys’ Choir Patron Program created within the BCHZ Civic Association to support activities of the Bratislava Boys’ Choir. You can download the association’s bylaws here. Patron Program membership is valid for twelve months with optional renewal. A voluntary contribution enrols you in one of three membership tiers: The Member’s Circle, The Soloist’s Circle, and The Conductor’s Circle. Please fill out the entire registration form to be eligible for complete benefits. Your personal information is subject to GDPR rules and will not be shared with third parties. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact sing@bchz.sk