Many fresh opportunities in prestigious venues, foreign tours, collaborations premiering an opera and a large symphonic work, The Story of Music for the first time with the Slovak Philharmonic; all of these and more, marking the 42nd Concert Season of the Bratislava Boys’ Choir.
 “We are overjoyed the 42nd Season deepens our traditional collaborations with the Slovak Philharmonic, Slovak National Theater, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra as well as State Chamber Orchestra Žilina. The Bratislava Boys’ Choir is working intensely on numerous music treats for our supporters,” says Magdaléna Rovňáková, the choir director and executive. 
On September 10, a selection of the boys will perform at The Most Beautiful Czecho-Slovak Fairytales, a family concert at the Symphony of Art Festival. The ensemble will perform under the baton of the event’s author-conductor Gabriel Rovňák who will also be hosting the event, in collaboration with Capella Istropolitana Orchestra. At the end of September we will present an excellent boys’ choir from Graz, Austria, Grazer Kapellknaben. In the beginning of October we undertake our first concert tour of the season, to Austria and Slovenia. The ensemble will perform its representative program focusing on Slovak composers.

The largest music education project in Slovakia – The Story of Music with the Bratislava Boys’ Choir as its patron – is prepared by Gabriel Rovňák and will be presented numerous times this concert season. In October, Mysteries of the Human Voice will be staged in the Slovak National Theater, with outstanding soloists, Mariana Sajko and Jan Šťáva. In February 2024, The Story of Music with the Slovak Philharmonicwill have its large premiere. It is certainly a sign of recognition to have our education project performed in collaboration with this unique symphonic ensemble. The Slovak Philharmonic Choir and soloists will perform alongside the Bratislava Boys’ Choir.

Christmas will traditionally bring prestigious events. We look forward to collaborating on The Nutcracker, brought to families by the Slovak National Theater Ballet. An amazing performance – under the baton of Rastislav Štúr – will again be Christmas in Bratislava; the Slovak Philharmonic Christmas Concert Series. Our boys will perform alongside excellent soloists. The singers will also perform in numerous cities across the nation, including Žilina, Prievidza, Lučenec. Even across the holidays, our little performers will continue on the performance track. The Slovak National Theater Opera presents Carmen, including 20 of our sopranos.

We very much look forward to the second half of the concert season where our fans and supporters will be able to experience two unique vocal-instrumental works. At the end of February 2024, the Bratislava Boys’ Choir members will perform in Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 3 alongside the Slovak Philharmonic and the women’s section of the Slovak Philharmonic Choir. The concert will be performed under the baton of Juraj Valčuha. In the spring, our performers will participate in a concert performance of Turandot, the opera, in collaboration with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ondrej Lenárd.

Visiting our partner ensembles in May, we will perform for our supporters in Basel, Switzerland, and Wiesbaden, Germany.

At the close of the season we are planning a large concert tour to Taiwan, bringing examples of Slovak folk music. 

“Alongside these large projects we are also preparing many other concerts for audiences across Slovakia. You can see a detailed list on the website of our choir. We are so excited that the Bratislava Boys’ Choir grew in the 2023/24 concert season, now consisting of almost 100 singers from Bratislava and beyond,” says Gabriel Rovňák, the choir conductor.

Our success remains the hallmark of our entire creative team working with the choir: conductors Magdaléna Rovňáková and Gabriel Rovňák, voice coaches Miriam Garajová and Monika Maglayová. Our guest performer is Dana Hajóssy, the pianist.

The choir’s patron program, SING!, remains active through its art and education supporters. Thanks to their generosity our ensemble can perform its education projects across the nation and also present the art of our music abroad. Club members benefit from exclusive experiences brought to them by the Bratislava Boys’ Choir and its partners.

Also, during our 42nd Concert Season, our stable financial partners are the Fund for the Support of the Arts and VUB Foundation.

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